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Why Choose the ComHelpDesk?

Top Ten reasons:



We offer a wide selection of providers to choose from, so together, we can find what combination works best for you and your business.  We can show you what your telecommunication options are and which ones serve your best interests. Since we aren't tied to any one carrier, we can truthfully provide you with the advantages and drawbacks of each provider.


The ComHelpDesk is an Independent Telecommunications Agency, the carriers engage us as part of their Alternate Sales Channel to increase their presence and exposure to the many clients we serve. Over 67% of the carrier's sales come from Independent Telecommunications Agent companies, so when we negotiate the price of your services, the carriers tend to listen.


Our clients engage us to ensure they have a choice, get the best solution at the best price, and the ongoing support afforded through a long-term relationship with the ComHelpDesk.  Most of our clients have been with us for 8 or more years, some as long as 25 years.  How long have you known your carrier Account Executive?


For more than 30 years our thousands of clients have turned to the ComHelpDesk for clear answers, unparalleled IT project coordination and free expert ongoing support.  ComHelpDesk is currently serving clients in each of the lower 48 states and several Canadian provinces.


We're certified by the carriers to represent all of their products and services.  The ComHelpDesk team exceeds the high standards set by the carriers and undergoes rigorous continuing education to ensure proficiency in all current voice, data and IP technologies.


Most of our clients are mid-sized businesses with significant voice, data, and IP applications. Our typical client has an IT Director that is also responsible for telecom management. The IT Director uses the ComHelpDesk as part of their staff, offloading day-to-day network tasks and carrier coordination, freeing more time for IT management. Using the ComHelpDesk is like hiring a network manager but without adding payroll.


It's true we are free to our business clients. ComHelpDesk is supported by the carriers for providing enhanced levels of account team stability to their customers. We work solely for the satisfaction of our clients. There is no upcharge for the carrier services we provide, in fact we consistently negotiate a price well below those quoted by the carrier's direct sales. You will never get a bill from ComHelpDesk.


The fact is the ComHelpDesk enhances - not replaces your carrier's 24/7 customer care centers. You can continue to call the carrier's customer care group, go through the prompts and sit on hold until you get a live person.  Or, you can email or call your ComHelpDesk Global Account Manager and let us get the job done while keeping you informed. Our independent telecommunications agency network includes hundreds of support staff and engineers in addition to those employed by the carriers and service providers we represent. When you "Partner" with the ComHelpDesk your Telecom Life will improve dramatically.


Think about it, the technology, services, and pricing offered by the various carriers is pretty much the same, yet businesses continuously move from carrier to carrier trying to find satisfaction. Generally, the problem is not with the carrier's technology or products offered; it's the carrier's failure to provide a caring and responsive support team dedicated to meeting the requirements of the customer.


Better support and service is what we do at the ComHelpDesk, and of course we help you find the products you need at the price you deserve. In these trying times the old adage - the customer is never wrong - has never been more important. Our job is to provide the communications product, price, support, and service required to grow your business. Our ongoing support is always focused on growing your business, and our ongoing support is always free. Our business model is: We do better when you do better. We thank our clients for placing their trust in the ComHelpDesk.

Okay, just one more reason.

You will love your Global Account Manager, guaranteed.  We are committed to delivering the most complete and customer-focused experience for each and every one of our clients. Your Global Account Manager will be with you all the way; caring for your needs, procurement, implementation, test and turn-up, activation, operation, billing accuracy, upgrades, and potential problems.  You will never be left alone when you need help.

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