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When we talk about cybersecurity, what we are really talking about is risk.  Any good cybersecurity program must start with risk management, and this then drives the program with a "continuous improvement" mindset.  
Threats change over time, as do the risks, so the cybersecurity program is not a "set and forget" program. Effective risk management is based upon five fundamental steps:

  • Identify critical assets.

  • Identify the value of critical assets.

  • Identify the impact of loss or harm to assets.

  • Identify the likelihood of loss or harm to assets.

  • Prioritize mitigation activities to be implemented.


NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) was founded in 1901 and has defined many standards and benchmarks for various organizations and industries. NIST developed a cybersecurity framework, which was created to establish and adaptive approach for all organizations to implement, manage, measure, and uniformly discuss cybersecurity. The framework helps organizations establish and effective cybersecurity strategy and aligns very well with business goals and language.

ComHelpDesk networks with our partners to leverage the NIST cybersecurity framework to categorize suppliers, and more importantly, help our clients by speaking in the language of this framework (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover). The goal is to discover where your business is now and help with solutions in each phase.  Let our cybersecurity experts help you find excellent cybersecurity solutions.

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